IOTA Smart Energy the Solution to Current Problems

2019 came to our door and each year that passes it becomes more evident that we need to achieve a change of habits regarding...

New Lightweight Trinary Cryptographic Hash Function

Continuing with this great serie of announcements with which IOTA keeps surprising us, the most amazing was Troika. We are witnessing how the IOTA Foundation is working to perfect this protocol, that if everything goes well, we will see implemented in every device connected to the Internet of Things in just a couple of years.

Housing-as-a-service: a new concept in the (smart) town

It is not news that our behavior concerning consumption has changed dramatically in the past few years where, in the beginning, the normative and social context dictated that the more you had, the happier and successful you were.

Resolviendo el problema de donaciones de IOTA usando cheques.

Geronimo Patat, Escritor y editor de IOTA Hispano Si te gusta lo que hacemos, colabora a que podamos seguir haciendolo! Escrito originalmente por Eric Hop El problema...




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