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November IOTA Buenos Aires Meetup summary

This Thursday 22th of November, IOTA had its last 2018 Buenos Aires Meetup at Espacio Bitcoin with the presences of Serguei Popov (IOTA Co-Founder), a remote link with Eric Hop (Qubic Product Owner), Claudio Martin (H2h), Daniel De Michele and Alejandro Elustondo (XDK2MAM) and Nicolas Schteinschraber (R/GA). Because 2018 was a pretty intense year for IOTA in Argentina, before we summarize this Meetup talks, we want to quickly review the year community main events.

Entrevista a Olivia Saa de IOTA research

Algunas semanas atrás estuvimos en Blockcrypto, San Pablo y tuvimos la oportunidad de conocer a Olivia Saa, parte del equipo IOTA research trabajando junto a Serguei Popov. En el Congreso, Olivia dió una charla muy interesante sobre escalabibilidad, analizando los modo en que la Tangle supera las limitaciones de Blockchain.

Interview to Olivia Saa from IOTA research team

Some weeks ago we were at Blockcrypto, San Pablo and had the opportunity to meet Olivia Saa, part of the IOTA research team working with Serguei Popov. On that Congress, she gave a very nice talk about scalability, analizing the ways in which the Tangle overcomes Blockchain’s limitations.

IF Directors Board: drama and resolution

In the last weeks, we had a little drama because of bureaucratic issues related to the onboarding of two of the founder members to the IOTA Foundation Board of Directors. Yesterday, Sergey Ivancheglo and Serguei Popov were finally officially incorporated to the Board and announced.