Serguei Popov es Doctor en matemáticas (1997, Moscow State University) y uno de los fundadores de  IOTA, junto a Sergey Ivancheglo, David Sønstebø y Dominik Schiener. Actualmente se encuentra a cargo de la parte teorética/conceptual de IOTA y ha tenido la humildad de conceder a IOTA Hispano una pequeña entrevista.
Certainly one interview is not enough to know all the work that BiiLabs does, while making this note, new material was appearing constantly. It's right to say that BiiLabs is a startup focused on Distributed Ledger Technology, especially based...
Dan Simerman was a very active member of the IOTA Community before becoming part of the IOTA Foundation as Head of Financial Relations. He has a really impressive background that makes him an important asset for the growing relationships...
I met Tobias in late 2017 at one of the first meetups in Munich. Back then we didn't fill a bar table, but we still had a great time talking about IOTAs vision and possible future while drinking (a lobeer).
El empresario italiano Dominik Schiener, cofundador de la Fundación IOTA, fue ponente en Autonomy, una conferencia de movilidad urbana del 19 al 20 de octubre en París. Recientemente habló con The Innovator sobre cómo la fundación tiene como objetivo ayudar a las grandes corporaciones a utilizar la tecnología blockchain para crear nuevos modelos de negocios y nuevas fuentes de ingresos.
Those of us who closely follow IOTA and the various use cases that have been developed taking advantage of the new technology behind this DLT, know that one of the fields in which IOTA could help develop great solutions is eHealth.
We all know that IOTA is much more than a token, it is the token that pretends to be the protocol for the Internet of Things, based on that, we can say that IOTA is much more than the value of the currency, if not that its architecture and features of this Open Source technology allows the community of developers and entrepreneurs to develope PoCs that can be used to improve some problems that we are facing in our daly lives.
Les tenemos que contar a nuestros lectores que no es la primera vez que Antonio muy amablemente concede una entrevista a IOTA Hispano. A finales de 2018 también le realicé una entrevista, pero en ese momento aún no formaba...
Dave joined the IOTA Foundation by July 2018 as Online Communiy Liaison and has been contributing since then to keep things sharp at Slack and Discord, key places for IOTA community to discuss different topics and organize itself. At certain point Slack ended up not being able to handle the vast IOTA community and Dave contributed planning the Slack-Discord migration. Since he has a tech background (ICT Degree at Rotterdam University), he soon became developer advocate and started conducting Twitch sessions to guide users step by step on mounting a Full Node, Bootstraping IOTA's Data Marketplace or creating testnets. This videos can be viewed at IF Youtube Channel. Dave is a very kind and always willing to help guy. For us, this are the assets that make IOTA the great project it is and enable to have a growing community starting to adopt or developing. Enough talk, let's get to meet him a bit better!
Last year we had the opportunity to interview MicroHash (Lukas Tassanyi) who explained to us about Qubiota, one of the first Ecosystem's projects related to Qubic.


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