Brief Review of the IOTA Meetup at Bariloche, Argentina

Some attendees at IOTA Meetup Bariloche

The past 23rd of August, the first IOTA Meetup in Bariloche (a city at the south of Argentina) occurred. This event was hosted by Tangle Patagonia (Gabriela Jara) and took place at Fab Lab Bariloche where near 30 people arrived to listen about IOTA.

Let’s make a brief review about it.

Full House

Bariloche is a touristic city, famous for its mountains and ski centers, and despite this was a quite snow free winter, the day prior to the meetup was a snowy day and I was afraid that the meetup would have to be postponed. Luckily it stopped snowing and by 6pm the attendees started arriving.

It was a very exciting time, many of the attendees had heard about Bitcoin before but barely knew about IOTA. They were all very interested about the unique characteristics of IOTA, so I explained them, we went over topics like what DLT’s are, what are the main differences between a Blockchain and the Tangle, IOTA as the backbone for Internet of Things and we also went through some real use cases.

The audience was composed by developers, programmers, nocoiners and people who had a few cryptos so it was a really great and varied group. They were very curious and asked lots of things so we promised to meet up again in the future because although the meetup lasted one and a half hour, the time flew by.


I started a project called Tangle Patagonia as a way to foment awareness and educate about IOTA, the first person to open the door to this project was Daniel De Michele, when he invited me to the first IOTA Argentina Meetup at Bs As, where I was one of the speakers at the event and where I had the chance to meet the great Serguei Popov, one of the IOTA Co Founders and who wrote the IOTA whitepaper.

Later on Sol Hilgemberg (web developer) also joined me and now she is an important collaborator in this project.

Future plans

We find this vast virgin territory the perfect one to spread IOTA everywhere, Argentina is just beginning to walk in this Distributed Ledger world, and we are happy to contribute with this change of consciousness and the adoption of crypto, specially of the IOTA token.

We have been invited to the province of Santa Cruz to present IOTA later this month. That also opened the possibility of giving a talk at the University of Comodoro Rivadavia, so we are very excited about this IOTA Revolution growing at Argentina and mostly because we are part of it.





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