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IOTA Tangle Technology and the Future of the Supply Chain

Most of the world’s Supply Chains still pour their data on paper, which we know can be easily altered or lost anywhere in the process, so the veracity of many of the data exchanged has no other validation than trust in the person who recorded the data. A new digital infrastructure is needed to change this is where a DLT like IOTA appears as a solution. With IOTA Tangle Technology we can rely on what is happening throughout the Supply Chain process.

XDK2MAM Founders at 2nd IOTA Meetup Venezuela

00 Leer versión en español This year has been wonderful for IOTA in Latin America, specially in Argentina and Venezuela. Since the begining of 2018 many IOTA Meetups and workshops has been taken place at Buenos Aires and in Bariloche. Latin America is a fertil

Get to know TWO – IoT waste management

We all know that IOTA is much more than a token, it is the token that pretends to be the protocol for the Internet of Things, based on that, we can say that IOTA is much more than the value of the currency, if not that its architecture and features of this Open Source technology allows the community of developers and entrepreneurs to develope PoCs that can be used to improve some problems that we are facing in our daly lives.

Entrevista con Alejandro Elustondo y Daniel De Michele de XDK2MAM

Hace unos meses me encontré con XDK2MAM e hice una revisión del proyecto. Como fundador de IOTA Latino, me interesó lo que este proyecto podría permitir en Venezuela y el Caribe, donde estamos trabajando arduamente para adoptar Tangle y diseñando algunas pruebas de concepto, al tiempo en que estudiamos en profundidad el protocolo de IOTA.