Do androids dream of connected Tangle?


An essay about a possible future world traversed by IOTA makes us think again about how not so far away is the future actually and prepares us for some possible solutions that are already in sight.

I hope you enjoy the following fiction and greetings to Philip.

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Reimagining with Iota and Tangle

Deckard is a policeman from Los Angeles who is in charge of looking for humanoids, better known as replicants, beings that are prepared to detect a double expense and use brute force to steal one’s savings.

Deckard takes his autonomous vehicle, which is waiting for him parked, charging its battery with an ElaadNL system connected to IOTA. His Volkswagen travels the city guided through a network that updates traffic information constantly to the Tangle. His first suspect is sent in an encrypted message that can be deleted through a local snapshot so that no records remain.

He crosses the city at a good speed while checking his empty wallet. Some cars circulate near his Volkswagen, but the traffic is fluid. The first stop of the possible location of the suspect is Alaska, a small shitcoins trading bar, some cryptocurrencies that despite lack of economic value, are collected by some eccentrics who are dedicated to buying and selling them.

He arrives at the bar and asks for a glass of water, looks around and inquires a possible suspect.

Can I ask you some questions? – Deckard says.

Sure, why not. – The subject replies.

Deckard takes his device to check the veins in the palm of the man’s hand and immediately the ID of the person is shown, he then proceeds to read some bureaucratic issues and continues with the questionnaire.

You arrive at the house of a friend who invites you to show you something, when you enter you see that there is a large mining farm – he raises to the interrogated.

Deckard examines the gestures of the questioned. He quickly takes his weapon out and triggers an identifier that integrates the subject into a separate node of the tangle so that it can’t receive any more data from it. In this way his transactions are marked forever and can’t be validated.

Deckard noticed in the motions of the interrogated that this one didn’t have any type of empathy because of all the energy that was being wasted to obtain some old shitcoins. This was enough to determine his actions.

He looks at his wallet and sees that he has received some IOTA after catching the suspect. When he leaves the bar he transfers the amount of IOTA needed to pay for the glass of water.

After an intense day, he decides to return to his house to relax for a while, he opens the door with his palm and goes to the room where he can connect optimally to the Tangle. Tangle is the place where all the information that we process for payments and some other developments that are used for data encryption run. This is the place where everyone connects and transmits their information. Using the Tangle is a way to recognize each other and be open to sharing your needs so that others can solve them and obtain resources in exchange. Using the Tangle network is free, it is the best way to transmit globalized and shared information, protected by each part of the system to ensure its reliability.

Also, release your behavior and facilitate the task of those who need this information. There are people who are not in the Tangle, who do not transmit their information and do not want to be part of this world. They are respected, this is just a technology, and as such, not always is it useful for every single one of us.

The great developments and changes require a vision of new concepts, reflected in an ecosystem of data that demonstrate safety and functioning.

Will IOTA and Tangle be the technology that change some of our habits?


For many years I’ve read science fiction stories that made us think about a different world and often showed technology that we couldn’t even imagine, much less think about how it worked. This story is intervened by applying new use cases that are already being developed with IOTA and Tangle. The solution is closer than we think.

Clato Martin
Writer & Editor,
 IOTA Hispano

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