One of the objectives of IOTA is to enable data integrity within the health industry. By securely transmitting and storing individual medical records in the distributed IOTA ledger, access to private medical records can be reliable, secure and controlled. Hence,...
Last week I had the chance to have an extensive talk with him, we went through various topics during the communication and I must say that on that occasion he made me see things about these new technologies and how to present them to others from another perspective.
Todos sabemos que IOTA es mucho más que un token, es el token que pretende ser el protocolo para el Internet de las Cosas. En base a eso, podemos decir que IOTA tiene poco que ver con valor de...
We all know that IOTA is much more than a token, it is the token that pretends to be the protocol for the Internet of Things, based on that, we can say that IOTA is much more than the value of the currency, if not that its architecture and features of this Open Source technology allows the community of developers and entrepreneurs to develope PoCs that can be used to improve some problems that we are facing in our daly lives.
Durante el año 2018, muchas personas del Ecosistema de IOTA han estado agitando las aguas con interesantes desarrollos de IOTA, pruebas de concepto y Meetups alrededor del mundo. Antonio Nardella ha estado trabajando en estas tres áreas como miembro de IEN, Digital Business Architect y Regional Community Leader en Italia.
On 2018 many people from the IOTA Ecosystem have been shaking the waters with interesting IOTA developments, Proofs of concept and Meetups all over the globe. Antonio Nardella has been working on this three areas as a member of the IEN, Developer and Regional Community Leader in Italy.
Some months ago I found about XDK2MAM and did some review of the project. As Founder of IOTA Latino, I was interested on what this project could enable in Venezuela and the Caribbean, where we are working hard to adopt Tangle and designing some proofs of work as we study the IOTA protocol in depth.
Hace unos meses me encontré con XDK2MAM e hice una revisión del proyecto. Como fundador de IOTA Latino, me interesó lo que este proyecto podría permitir en Venezuela y el Caribe, donde estamos trabajando arduamente para adoptar Tangle y diseñando algunas pruebas de concepto, al tiempo en que estudiamos en profundidad el protocolo de IOTA.
Some weeks ago we were at Blockcrypto, San Pablo and had the opportunity to meet Olivia Saa, part of the IOTA research team working with Serguei Popov. On that Congress, she gave a very nice talk about scalability, analizing the ways in which the Tangle overcomes Blockchain's limitations.


Instalando un Nodo Shimmer – Guía paso a paso en Español

Agradecimiento Antes de sumergirnos en este post tutorial debemos dar todo el crédito de la guía a C3PO, miembro de la comunidad IOTA y de...