IOTA will be presented in Bitcoin Argentina Meetup


The NGO Bitcoin Argentina will be hosting a Bitcoin/Cardano/IOTA/Monero Meetup on August 24th and some of the IOTA Argentina community members developing over this protocol were invited to explain what IOTA is to an audience familiar with Blockchain based DLTs.

Some weeks ago, Franco Amati (Signatura, Bitcoin Argentina) reached out and invited us to be part of the next Bitcoin Argentina Meetup on behalf of IOTA. The idea behind the Meetup is to get to know some of the more promising altcoins out there and we are happy to have an opportunity to explain what IOTA is about, together with guys from Cardano, Monero and Bitcoin.

The agenda

Daniel De Michele (Carpincho Dem) and Alejandro Elustondo from the IOTA Argentina community will be giving a small introduction to IOTA and showcasing a project built for the Bosch XDK 110 that allows to stream sensors data to the Tangle via MAM using the device available methods (http/udp/usb/mqtt/ble).

IOTA will be the only non Blockchain project presented, and this will, in deed, be a good place to explain how this DAG based Tangle data structure allows to run a DLT.

The meetup will have the participation of Alan Verbner (IOHK/Atix Labs) to introduce Cardano, Andrés Fernández Cordón (Monerujo/Mastering Monero) on behalf of Monero and will end up with Franco Amati, explaining Bitcoin fundamentals.

The NGO Bitcoin Argentina is working to raise awareness on Blockchain since the year 2013, through talks and consultancy to private and public sectors in the region. This invitation is a huge privilege and allows us to introduce IOTA to a lot of people in the Bitcoin sphere that has not yet heard about it.



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