Resume of an exciting week: IOTA Argentina Community Cluster Meetup, office inauguration and meeting with ConcientizAR


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Last week was very exciting here in Argentina as we held a Meetup with participation of ConcientizAR and Nicolas Schteinschraber (third prize winner at The Perfect Brainstorm). We also officialy inaugurated the IOTA Argentina Community Cluster office and had some great meetings with Ramiro Podetti and Néstor Vázquez from ConcientizAR in order to discuss future collaboration connecting the products they work on with the IOTA Protocol.

IACC Meetup: introduction to the IOTA Protocol by Nicolas Pedroso (IACC)

Nicolas Pedroso introducing the IOTA Protocol

We have been conducting montlhy Meetups/Workshops for almost 1.5 years now to spread the word about IOTA into the IoT and DLT LATAM communities. This year we have a new goal: every Meetup will have a speaker working with IoT that does not have yet approached IOTA.

Because of this, the first talk was (and will always be) about IOTA fundamentals. Aimed to an audience that has not yet dive into this fascinating world. Nicolas Pedroso was in charge of introducing the IOTA Protocol and also answering many challeging questions.

ConcientizAR: Energy as a Service, a sustentable approach

Ramiro Podetti and Néstor Vázquez presented their devices and applications to live meassure energy consumption and allow events depending on usage. They came in with a lot of «toys» and did a demo in which attendees could see how consumption was being meassured and spiked as they turn a hair dryer on. ConcientizAR seeks to raise awareness about the way we misuse energy and to find ways to reward those who practice a responsible energy usage.

Lots of Toys and boards designed by ConcientizAR

Nicolas Schteinschraber: circular energy management 

You might remember The Perfect Brainstorm contest launched by IOTA Foundation. Nicolas Schteinschraber and Federico Gonzalez won the third prize with their concept of Circular Energy Management. We had the honor of having Nicolas taking the audicence through the whole concept of having a charging station network for power charging based on solar panels. Amazing talk that left all of us thinking. Congrats again to Nico and Federico for this great project!

IOTA Argentina Community Cluster office inauguration

Wow! Yeah, we finally officialy inaugurated our office at Espacio Bitcoin. This will be a place of work, community interaction and house for reunions with actors of the IoT sector. Some months ago we decided to give this step by renting an office and asked for donations to buy some basic furniture. As usual, IOTA community was extremely generous and the donations provided us with the ability to get what was needed and even save some money to pay a couple of months rent. Thanks, thanks and thanks! This is a community location in the heart of the DLT movement in Argentina and we hope to have some visits from anyone coming to Argentina soon!

Juan Quitegui, Lucas Horton, Alejandro Elustondo, Nicolas Borga and Daniel De Michele getting everything ready for the Meetup at the IACC Office

TIDIC (Technologies of Distributed Information and the Internet of Things) Civil Association is now legally constituted.

To provide our efforts with a legal frame that could help us interacting with actors of the private/public sector was also a milestone and we are excited to announce that TIDIC has been recognized by the argentinian law as a Civil Association. We will just refer to it as IOTA Argentina Community Cluster and we trust it will benefit our approach to IoT companies working on the region.

You can find more data about TIDIC scope in the website

Collaboration between ConcientizAR and IACC

The day after de Meetup we had a very productive meeting with Ramiro Podetti and Néstor Vázquez from ConcientizAR in which we analized their project and the ways in which IOTA could be used to provide data integrity and means of payment as energy is being consumed.

After showing them how Masked Authenticated Messaging works and discussing payments over the IOTA protocol and Flash Channels we defined an MVP that will be developed by the IACC using the IoT solutions ConcientizAR already has. More details about this partnership and the MVP will be released soon.

You can find some more photos at IACC Facebook Page



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