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Get to know TWO – IoT waste management

We all know that IOTA is much more than a token, it is the token that pretends to be the protocol for the Internet of Things, based on that, we can say that IOTA is much more than the value of the currency, if not that its architecture and features of this Open Source technology allows the community of developers and entrepreneurs to develope PoCs that can be used to improve some problems that we are facing in our daly lives.

Interview with Nuriel Shem-Tov

Nuriel is an active member of the IOTA community from the Netherlands, known for being the mind behind the IRI-Playbook: a great script to easily install and run fullnodes on the IOTA Ecosystem. We know this one is kind of technical, but those of you that

Entrevista al equipo de Oyster Protocol antes del lanzamiento de su Mainnet

Hace algunas semanas nos contactamos con Oyster Protocol para ver la posibilidad de que nos dieran una entrevista. En Oyster pensaron que, a pesar de estar trabajando duramente en el lenzamiento de su mainnet, era una buena idea contarle a los lectores de IOTA Hispano un poco acerca de en qué han estado trabajando. Oyster es uno de los primeros proyectos que está planeando utilizar la Tangle como tecnología soporte para file storage.