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Saul Ameliach second iota meetup venezuela

Second IOTA Venezuela Meetup review

Last Saturday, December 1th, the second IOTA Latino Meetup was held in Valencia (Venezuela) hosted by Saul Ameliach and the precenses of Daniel De Michele and Alejandro Elustondo, founders of XDK2MAM. The event took place in the Hesperia WTC Hotel and had an amazing production, being the first one that had a live stream in spanish and english with a live translator.

IOTA Latino will have its first Meetup in Venezuela

IOTA Latino announced that its first IOTA Meetup for Latin America and the Caribbean will be held in the city of Valencia, Venezuela, on October 20, 2018. This first meeting will start a series of events that IOTA Latino will be organizing in those regions, explained Saúl Ameliach, who will be hosting.