Interview with Regine Haschka Helmer, Iota Foundation Advisor


Regine has been part of the Iota Foundation since April 2017, always linked to digital transformation and his application in real world. She was part of big communication companies and as such is very experienced in management. Let’s get to know a little more about her work and her objectives as advisor of the IOTA Foundation.

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Tell us about your background.

Already during my school days, I started to use and explore digital technologies and their opportunities. Friends and I formed a band where we used synthesizers and digital production methods to compose and record music. Since then I have been enthusiastic about digital technology and its influence on companies and our society.

In the 90ies I´ve started my career at I-D Media AG, one of the fastest growing digital agencies in Europe as the COO. I was the youngest woman in the managing board of a German public listed company. During this time, I´ve managed the company´s IPO and was responsible for setup and managing international subsidiaries (London, Vienna) I´ve started an Incubator for digital innovation where we´ve developed innovative Software Solutions and one of the first Social Media Platforms, like, and the first virtual popstar E-Cyas.

In 2010 I´ve founded Seedlab GmbH in Berlin, a consulting company focusing in advising and consulting large companies in digital transformation processes and development of new innovative business models and products. We build innovation departments or incubators and supports companies. Besides Seedlab GmbH I am currently a lecturer at the HWZ in Zürich and an author for digital magazines.

When/where you had the first approach to the IOTA Foundation?  

I´ve met Dominik Schiener, Co-founder of IOTA in December 2016 at an event in Berlin. I was very impressed by the strong vision he had about IOTA and the impact of DLT technology for the Internet of things and the machine economy. I was excited about the opportunities which are lying ahead and wanted to support the adoption and realization of this vision in the Corporate world and industry.

What did you know about DLT and Cryptocurrencies before Iota Foundation?

I knew about Blockchain technology, Smart Contracts, but also about the limitations of this protocol for IoT. I was working on some Blockchain PoC´s for my customers.

IOTA was new, but I was immediately convinced, that IOTA is the better solution to realize the IoT vision. IOTA is the next generation “Blockchain” with all the advantages and without the limitations.

What’s it like to work with them? Walk us through a day in the office (or home office if remotely).

The IOTA Foundation never sleeps, the teams are working all over the world so someone is always up and active. In the morning, we do have Telco’s to align our work and to coordinate activities.

In the IOTA communication channels, all members and teams are collaborating in a new and fresh way together. Working with IOTA is amazing, I´ve never seen so many smart people in one organization sharing the same motivation and excitement. Everyone brings its own excellence into the organization. It´s very inspiring working in such an environment.

But I am also working very close with industry partners to develop PoC´s, based on IOTA. Therefore we are having workshops on a regularly base together with industry partners.

Do you work with a team inside Iota Foundation? Who are they and what are their responsibilities?  

I am working with different people and teams. It depends on the tasks and projects. My focus is mainly working in business development, building new industry streams and working on the adaption of IOTA in the corporate world. I work closely with the Business Development team, Partnerships, Mobility and IoT team in Berlin.

What’s your role in Iota Foundation and what part of that you enjoy more?

My role is to match IOTA with industry partners and identify new opportunities. Working with IOTA is amazing and one of the most exciting tasks. To be a pioneer in such a game-changing technology and shaping the future of economy and society is amazing. I really enjoy working with people who are not afraid to take risks and challenges and are pioneers in new technology to make the world a better place. 

Iota Foundation had some partnerships in last year. What’s the best way to engage with a big company?

The best way to engage with a big company is to have a deep industry knowledge and understand the needs of their customers to develop use cases which are solving problems and create real benefits. IOTA is an enabling technology for new use cases and business models, which is very interesting for Corporates because they could use IOTA to develop innovative products and services for their customers.

There are a lot of FUD around Iota and cryptocurrency world, what do you think is the best way to handle that?

The best way to handle FUD, is to act professional and be objective as possible. Communication should be based on facts and the positive development of the foundation, progress in technology and all the projects with industry partners and organizations.

How do you see Iota in the future?

IOTA will be the operating system for edge computing and all connected applications and devices. IOTA will create a new decentralized “web” which connects People and Machines and will change our existing system for value transaction. IOTA will also stand for technological innovation to create a positive impact on our environment and society.

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