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Exclusive Interview to Dave De Fijter

Dave joined the IOTA Foundation by July 2018 as Online Communiy Liaison and has been contributing since then to keep things sharp at Slack and Discord, key places for IOTA community to discuss different topics and organize itself. At certain point Slack ended up not being able to handle the vast IOTA community and Dave contributed planning the Slack-Discord migration.

Since he has a tech background (ICT Degree at Rotterdam University), he soon became developer advocate and started conducting Twitch sessions to guide users step by step on mounting a Full Node, Bootstraping IOTA’s Data Marketplace or creating testnets. This videos can be viewed at IF Youtube Channel.

Dave is a very kind and always willing to help guy. For us, this are the assets that make IOTA the great project it is and enable to have a growing community starting to adopt or developing. Enough talk, let’s get to meet him a bit better!

Explicando Qubic: parte 1

Desde que revelamos por primera vez el protocolo Qubic se nos ha pedido que entremos en más detalles sobre el funcionamiento interno del Modelo de Computación. Esta es la primera, en una serie de entradas, que intentará hacer exactamente eso. ¡Así que abróchate el cinturón,

Entrevista Exclusiva con MicroHash, hablemos de Ict

00 El año pasado tuvimos la oportunidad de entrevistar a MicroHash (Lukas Tassanyi) quien estuvo explicándonos acerca de Qubiota, uno de los proyectos pioneros realcionados a Qubic. Hace un par de meses atrás, Lukas, se convirtio en parte del equipo de IOTA Foundation y ha

Help us to setup the IOTA Argentina Community Cluster office!

Since the day IOTA got listed in Bitfinex (2017), a lot of people that was interested in the crypto world but understood blockchain limitations, started to study this new DLT approach in Argentina. Since then, we held countless conversations, hangouts, meetups and workshops around the country and even in other countries such as Brazil, Uruguay and Venezuela. We also started developing solutions for the Tangle such as XDK2MAM and have a lot more coming for the future in terms of Proof of Concepts.