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Daily Archives: 17 junio, 2018

Exclusive interview with Steffen Vogt (Limo Tangleblog)

Since I started following IOTA I became a big Sunday Banter fan. The way in which Steffen Vogt, more known as Limo, covered the weekly news around the project, saved me lot’s of time. But that was not all: his way of understanding the weight/potential each piece of information had (or not) helped me a lot to elavorate my vision of the ecosystem status.

Entrevista exclusiva con Steffen Vogt (Limo Tangleblog)

00 Desde que comencé a interesarme por IOTA me convertí en un gran fanático del Sunday Banter. El modo en que Steffen Vogt, más conocido como Limo, cubría las noticias entorno a IOTA me ahorró muchi tiempo. Pero no se limitaba a esto: so manera de entender